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About Us

Tyler and Hannah spent 20 years growing up alongside one another; their families intertwined. Hannah spent all those years looking at Tyler with stars in her eyes. It wasn't until 2013 that they got their chance to pursue the magnetism that had been present all that time.  

Fast forward a year later, Hannah moved in and wanted to spruce the house up a bit (a lot a bit!). She begged Tyler for a new entryway table. It took one snowed in weekend, copious amounts of wine, dreamteam-work and a lot of patience... and Voila! This initial DIY project ignited their shared passion in design, home improvement, and home decor.

On to the next project, Hannah began making lake signs for their home lake and they sailed (oh lake puns!) out the door faster than they could make them! Following those first few, Hannah & Tyler sold exclusively local for about a year until they opened their Etsy shop in April of 2015. Since then it has been a whirlwind, selling signs all over the world! 

Tyler and Hannah are having a ball working and growing this little business together. They are now happily married and enjoying life and love everyday!


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